Car  and Truck Suspension from Lowering to Lifting

Why Lower Your Vehicle?

There are a couple of compelling reasons to consider a lowering kit for your vehicle.  Lowering the center of gravity of your car can provide substantial handling benefits when done through the installation of quality suspension components.  The result is a crisper feel and quicker steering responsiveness.  Many drivers choose to lower their vehicles strictly for the sake of appearance.  Dropping the car and closing the wheel gap makes for cool looks and an aggressive stance that many find quite appealing.


Car Suspension and Truck Suspension will enhance the look of a Car or Truck. Car Suspension is enhanced by lowering the Car ride height. The ride height is the height in which the car comes from the factory. Lowering the ride height brings the idea to give a better look and performance to a car. The car suspension uses coil springs or an air suspension system to achieve the lower stance. Adding shocks and sway bars allow for better ride and control of the car. Car suspension can also use a coil over system which combines the shock and coil which could be adjustable allowing Car Suspension feel to be controlled for a drive in town or a day at the track.